Friday, 17 June 2011

Okay I'm back.

Thanks to Scarvald reminding me, I've decided to continue with this blog. I've recently been having major problems with justifying my large warhammer collection and continuing with it, I don't like games workshop, my bank account doesn't like games workshop. I also can't remain motivated to paint over 50 models just because I can (I think the grey knights will be the last large army I ever paint) I've tried ultramarines first company as well as alpha legion, both haven't re-ignited the spark of warhammer 40k and it's large armies. As well as exams, my last one is on the 27th of June, so then I will have lots of time off unless I get a job.

So now what am I doing now? I'm currently going back to what I did between 2008 and 2010, I'm on a 40k hiatus, I won't be buying any new 40k stuff nor games workshop in general. However I am getting into infinity and I have another friend who is interested too. I bought the Haqqislam starter box-set cause it looks cool and I like the units as well as I have to at max paint 20 models. So once I've located all my tools I've misplaced since this April I will be getting on with those. I'm also making a couple of fallout inspired costumes for a convention this October, if you're interested and I will be posting the progress on them up too.

Thanks for staying patient.

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Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Yes! It worked!
You can always look up Killzone for a cheaper way of playing 40k. ;)