Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Small Grey Knights update.

Today I did some work on the terminator chaplain/ grey knight kit-bash, putting some GS into the gap where they meet and using an armour plate to tie both of the elements together. To get a 100% seamless transition I should have sculpted the whole upper torso myself...but that is a bit beyond me ATM.

So here he is (lighting isn't at all perfect on my desk)

So now I have to get onto the arms, I am also considering adding an incense burner from the Dark Angel upgrade sprue, I will decide on that later though as I don't want it to get too crowded.

I received the landraider commission, but due to a dedfective gw primer problem up on the commissioner's side I also had to strip it. I also received the dark arts miniatures bases which I will do a photo review of, as well as a set of gk landraider doors. On my own landraider, the forgeworld extra armour is slowly driving me mad, it doesn't fit the armour, the landraider doors, don't fit the armour, I've had to cut it and bend it to get it somewhere near finished. I should however finish it tomorrow evening, but a source of annoyance.

Also with the spare GS I did some work on a space marine who will be part of my next project after the Grey Knights. Alpharius, I will be using up the pre-heresy parts from my failed ultramarines project for a force bases around the tyrant legion rule-set with alpha legion instead of astral claws.


As always thanks for looking.

Monday, 31 January 2011


I do alot of work with hybrid methods of airbrush, brush work, pigments and other weathering effects and you can see my general standard in pictures below as well as testimonials.

If you are interested please send me a message to starforgedminiatures@gmail.com  or add me on skype at starforged.miniatures and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can with more walloftext™.

Itry to achieve the best customer service possible, giving a time of about 2 week turn around for an army but I prefer to give photographic updates of the progress and 4 weeks after receiving models is my deadline.

I will give you a quote on how much it will cost you to commission me, prices will vary from one scheme to another and I leave some negotiation on all prices.


"Amazing!, using only a few paintbrushes and paints Starforged has turned this model into a fantastic representation of Khorne's murderous wrath. Amazing. A Satisfied Customer."


"I requested Starforged to paint the Marneus Calgar in Power armour.
I requested a mixture of old school Ultramarine and less gold on the figure, as I much prefer the ornateness of bone to gold.
This led to a smooth and solid transition from dark blue up to the lighter colour that Ultramarines should be in my opinion. As I also requested there is little weathering/battle damage on the model as I personally prefer the crisp clean look, but in some areas, mainly the bone and gold, there is a good level of ageing to these part.
All if all I am very happy and pleased with the way they managed to use my rough requests and turn it into something awesome."


"Starforged miniatures work on my Brother Captain stern miniature was excellent, the red cloak and trim was very deep and the metallics very realistic, they are a good painting company and offer a brilliant service."



Grey Knights project.

Hi just a small update, but the grey knight project is gaining some momentum.

So this is the entire sum of the army so far (list below) I am currently waiting on the Psycannon upgrade from fw, another grey knights Landraider (a commission for a friend), a set of fw Landraider doors and an incinerator carrying grey knight from said friend, the gw grey knight choppy arm set to replace the arms lost in combat. So everything you see built has been pinned to remove any chance of breaking without excessive force. There is a grey knight chaplain conversion (who is rumoured to be one of the new gk hq choices) which I have converted by kitbashing a grey knight who I filled off all the symbols off ages ago and the terminator chaplain torso, the match isn't perfect, I need some gs to fill some gaps on him, but I am quite pleased with the imposing nature of him. 

Again this will be the scheme, when I'm ready with the painting a tutorial should go up as well as a review of the promodeller washes.

I also have some darkartminiatures infested bases to try out, which will be interesting as a possible choice for basing my army, I may submit a review of these too.

List (the second landraider will be a commission so isn't included)

1 Grey Knight Grand Master (HQ) @ 175 Pts
     Nemesis Force Halberd; Psycannon
     #Terminator Armour [0]

3 Grey Knight Terminators (Elites) @ 229 Pts
     Nemesis & Storm Bolter (x3)

     1 Grey Knight Brother-Captain @ [91] Pts
          Daemonhammer; Storm Bolter
          #Terminator Armour [0]

3 Grey Knight Terminators (Elites) @ 254 Pts
     Nemesis & Incinerator (x1); Nemesis & Storm Bolter (x2)

     1 Chaplain (Grey Knight Brother-Captain) @ [101] Pts
          Nemesis Force Halberd; Storm Bolter
          #Terminator Armour [0]
          Holy Relic [30]
          Unguents of Warding [10]

4 Grey Knights (Troops) @ 170 Pts
     Incinerator (x1); Nemesis & Storm Bolter

     1 Grey Knight Justicar @ [60] Pts
          Teleport Homer; Nemesis & Storm Bolter

4 Grey Knights (Troops) @ 170 Pts
     Incinerator (x1); Nemesis & Storm Bolter

     1 Grey Knight Justicar @ [60] Pts
          Teleport Homer; Nemesis & Storm Bolter

3 Grey Knights Purgation Squad (Heavy Support) @ 215 Pts
     Psycannon (x3); Nemesis & Storm Bolter

     1 Grey Knight Justicar @ [50] Pts
          Nemesis & Storm Bolter

1 Grey Knight Land Raider (Heavy Support) @ 280 Pts
     #Power of the Machine Spirit; Extra Armour; TL Lascannon (x2); TL Heavy
     Psycannon Bolts [10]
     Sacred Hull [15]

Models in Army: 24

Total Army Cost: 1493

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Baneblade "Bessie" and various other Marines.

With my continual problems of modelling ADHD I have put the ultramarines on hold due to lost motivation and each mini taking me four hours to paint. So what have I been doing? I've been working on my grey knights army to provide some tutorials on painting them and to eventually sell them off.

Lighting ain't perfect but meh metallics.

So sometime next weekend I will put up a video/picture tutorial on how to paint the basic grey knight. I will be using a H&S infinity airbrush, but any dual action airbrush should suffice. VMA boltgun metal and VMA chrome were used before a wash using promodellers black wash...which is one of the best systems ever for washes IMHO http://www.promodellers.co.uk/promodellers-weathering-wash/.

I've also been building up my portfolio of work. An imperial fist veteran.

He's now currently up on ebay: Imperial fist veteran.

And now the title of this blog post the turret of Imperial Baneblade "Bessie."

I need to update the pics because the lenses have been done. The colour scheme is loosely based on the British Berlin Brigade armour on the Chieftain tanks Camo. If you want to I can do a tutorial in the future when I do the rest of the body. But overall it was very fun to paint.

I know this is a bit TL:DR but once my exams are over this Wednesday I will do more work setting up my commissions website, paint my GKs army along with the tutorial which should hopefully be finished before the 12th of February. Then I am looking to move out from my parents house and move in with a friend, which will be awesome, so if between the 20th feb and 20th of march you don't hear from me, you will know why (blogpost update later.)

Thanks for looking.