Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Legionnaires, airplanes and apologies.

Hi sorry I've been a little inconsistent with my updates over the last week, University interviews and then exam results on Saturday. I managed to get into Keele university to do Biochemistry with a minor in psychology, though I missed my preferred option of Kent university by 12 marks, so now I need to hear back from them and decide whether to retake my pesky Newtonian physics module (I suck at maths).

So that's why there has been a lack of updates.

So my first squad of legionnaires (count as legion auxilia), there's been some initial work done, but loads more to be done. There's a brilliant mix of sources here, ghosts, fw cadian upgrades, pig iron kolony militia heads, to build up a really varied squad, the downside being they don't look very cohesive, but as legionnaires it makes sense.

I'm quite pleased with how the vulture is coming along, as this is a navy unit that has been inducted into a guard regiment, it has different markings to the valkyrie as well as a slightly modified camo scheme. Now awaiting battle damage.

Another project that I've had in the works for ages is the space hulk box-set.

This is the "techie" terminator, don't know his name, but it's given me a nice chance to play around with some NMM and OSL effects.

@Silar Lannanaris I will endevor to send out your heads tomorrow, as said earlier I haven't had a chance to send them.

Also @ Skarvald the Trollfaced Please could you message me your address, if you do not by friday, I will redraw another name from the group.

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Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Hey buddy, how come you don't update your sweet blog anymore?