Sunday, 3 July 2011

Haqqislam + Janissarie PIP part 1

This is just some progress on my haqqislam starter set.

I started with the coolest model in the pack, being the power armoured Janissarie. I was severely tempted to paint it in the iron man colours, but I resisted. I decided on going for a very simple restricted colour scheme as I didn't want to complicate these excellent sculpts and I love the simple colour palette in certain scifi for example DICE's mirrors edge and Bethesda soft's Brink as well as the general close future parkour element. So I will be painting it in oranges, blues and browns (I really don't like green after painting an entire cadian 8th company.) So this is about 5 hours in, the armour has been base-coated and all the shadows have been put in, the left leg has had highlights, whilst the rest is lacking.

General scheme is a sortoff proto desert/ urban scheme, I'm just going for something clean and looks nice.

I also cannot recommend infinity enough, the sculpts are beautiful and so much better than anything I've had from GW IMO and pictures don't give them the justice they deserve.

So I will continue with the rest of him tomorrow.
This is one of the studio mcvey Isabella models, which I was given for Xmas, I'm tempted to use as a hassassin faday, who is like a callidus assassin posing as a noble as it is 28mm true scale. Thoughts?

Also this was the test paint for the sniper...lets just say it got too complicated and I didn't like the finished product, so he will be stripped and repainted in the new style.

Thanks for looking.

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