Saturday, 26 February 2011

Friday, 25 February 2011

Grey Knight Land Raider (tanktherapy)


So the whole shebang is drawing to a close, just waiting on some hatches to finish drying and then the whole landraider can go together, going to get up early tomorrow to fully finish the army there is very little left so I will have pictures tomorrow/ Sunday. Also I like tanks.

Yesterday I went to GW to play a game, got completely steamrolled by an ork army (literally damn deathrollers) but I like gaming time to time even if I suck.

Any questions about stuff please ask.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Alpha Knights?

Pictures of how I've ruined  done my Grey Knights!

And also bonus Alpha Legion pictures:

List of things to do tomorrow and Friday:
  1. Clean up terminators.
  2. Finish basing all the Grey Knights.
  3. Paint black rim around said bases.
  4. Begin building Land Raider.
  5. Paint Land Raider.
  6. Take pictures of the Land Raider.
So yeah fun, but well within my ability.

Thanks for looking.

Also don't forget about my Pig-Iron head competition here.

Alpha Legion update

So the grey knights are 99% done, I need to tidy up one terminator (too much blue), but the rest are now gluing to their bases, so pictures will be put up today/tomorrow. Then onto the tanks.

Anyway, with my alpha legion, I've finished a mk5/mk4 hybrid marine who I'm waiting on to dry then will be painted up as an alpha legionnaire, I also have a sniper/marksman awaiting the GS broadening of the shoulders.

The tactical marine will be painted up in alpha legion colours and the sniper in the desert camouflage on the heavy bolter marines.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pig-iron head set competition.

So to commemorate 500 blog views and a month of full on blogging when it finishes, I am offering up two sets of pig iron kolony militia head sprues this is a 20 head sprue which integrate well with the Cadian plastics.

The competition runs from today the 22nd of February till 8pm GMT on Sunday the 6th of March, and entries after this will be discounted.

Conditions for entry:

  • You must be a follower of this blog, though you can join anytime and once the competition is over and you really hate me, you can un-follow me.
  • You must comment on this blog post before the end time.
  • Entries are Worldwide, entries outside the UK will be sent via airmail.
  • Also if you have a blog, please put a link in your comment on this, because (thanks AoM) I would like to see it.
  • One entry per person, to keep it fair.
  • Once I've drawn the names, I will announce them on my blog and I will contact you.

Commission offer

With my Grey Knights 90% complete (finally) I have decided to step up my commissions, so I am offering for the first 3 people who commissions me to paint an army >1000pts I will offer a choice of: a 10 man 25mm squad painted up to my base standard for free, or a 5 man 40mm squad painted for free, or a small vehicle (rhino, drop pod, leman russ) painted for free.

So if you want to take me up on this offer and discuss it, feel free to hit me up on


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Alpha Legion

So I'm really busy with my work on the grey knights at the moment, so lack of blog updates is to be understood.

But anyway I have some fluff I was writing up for my alpha legion force (WIP).

“Alpharius grew too out of touch with his origins, he was audacious, he was a fool.  He struck up an alliance with horus well before I knew, we played along with his plan, till he was gone, then I saw MY legion fall apart.”
Quote from Traitor Primarch Omegon.

After the battle with the ultramarines post heresy, the alpha legion was splintered, a large majority of the brothers went fully to chaos, betraying one of their primarchs, venerating the other.  These warbands remained mildly organised but non could keep their “productivity” after they left Omegon. These pirates and raiders are now what the imperium refers to as the Alpha Legion now, they have been involved in many small conflicts, from Vraks to Krieg to Kronos.
The real threat to the imperium is the faction that still calls itself ”loyal” to the imperium.. These forces led by primarch Omegon. After their destruction at the hand of the Ultramarines, this force loyal to Omegon, mainly contained human operatives, due to his direcct involvement in the infiltration part of the legion. Fewer than a thousand brothers remained, though thought to be some of the best Space marines ever to be created.  This force is believed to be the first renegade group to capture an Adeptus Mechanicus cloning facility and be able to maintain a small stream of recruits to support their ranks.
For normal operations, a force of 60 space marines is assigned per theatre, these may be broken up into usually 1 high ranking captain or equivalent, 5 apothecaries  (the actual function of these is disputed but believed for the augmentation of new operatives) and 44 tactical marines.
This force is supported by over 200 operatives, usually brought from a previous conflict, these are comprised of veteran guardsmen, psykers, gene-bulked shock troopers and assorted personnel.
The Alpha legion prefers to initiate control over a planet by first training up (or brainwashing) dissidents  and allow them to spread like a cancer through the imperial system, disrupting supply lines, communications and most importantly imperial armed forces. The second stage extends their training to insurgent forces, who will go out and cause large amounts of destruction. The third stage is all out war, large amounts of insurgents will rise from the population, causing almost immediate destruction  of the imperial system. Alpha legionnaires will then target vital command points, generatum, star ports and heavy units, usually tanks or other space marines.

So pretty much to summarise this is a post heresy alpha legion force who consider themselves as anti-imperium and anti-chaos, like the cabal intended, but with some obvious changes, their mission failed, Omegon is descending into madness at the destruction of his legion, the betrayal of his brother and his place in the universe.