Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pig-iron head set competition.

So to commemorate 500 blog views and a month of full on blogging when it finishes, I am offering up two sets of pig iron kolony militia head sprues this is a 20 head sprue which integrate well with the Cadian plastics.

The competition runs from today the 22nd of February till 8pm GMT on Sunday the 6th of March, and entries after this will be discounted.

Conditions for entry:

  • You must be a follower of this blog, though you can join anytime and once the competition is over and you really hate me, you can un-follow me.
  • You must comment on this blog post before the end time.
  • Entries are Worldwide, entries outside the UK will be sent via airmail.
  • Also if you have a blog, please put a link in your comment on this, because (thanks AoM) I would like to see it.
  • One entry per person, to keep it fair.
  • Once I've drawn the names, I will announce them on my blog and I will contact you.


Richelieu said...

Congratulations on the 500th view. I hope to see you around to celebrate the five thousandth view, and on to the fifty thousandth. Reading back through your stuff the weathering powder review was really nice I'm going to have to look into them myself. Congratulations again on the 500.
-Richelieu of waaaghheresy.blogspot.com/

sonsoftaurus said...

Cool, just have them laying around or part of some project you're not going to get around to? I've been thinking about using some for some traitor extras, though hadn't decided between cadian or bretonnian bodies.

Oh, you can see my stuff at:

Frowbakk said...

I'd buy that for a dollar...

Or a comment ;)

AoM said...

Congrats! I am happy to officially follow your blog (I've been doing so on and off for a while). While this is also my entry post, I do have to point out an error that the grammar Nazi in me hates to see. You said "cause I would like to see it." There should either be an apostrophe in front of "cause" to show that it is an abbreviated for, of the full "because" should be written. This ranks up there with they're/their/there, your/you're, "should of" instead of "should have," and "I could care less." (You COULDN'T care less. If you could, you wouldn't be saying that to make a point.)

Sorry, the internet makes me a cranky old man sometimes.

Starforged said...

@sonsoftaurus yep I had them for a cadian army which I was going to build, ended up with the forge world respirator upgrade set instead...which will be used in my forthcoming alpha legion.

@Richelieu Thanks, I really like your reviews of the forgeworld kits, very tempted to get a MKIV ironclad, though I don't think it'd fit in with Alpha legion.

@AoM There is always one, thanks for the follow and my mistake has been corrected.

AbusePuppy said...

Been looking at starting my IG multifaction army for a while now, maybe this will be a good chance to do so "cheap." Yeah, that's how I'll rationalize it.

3++ Is the New Black isn't _technically_ my blog, but I post there enough Imma go ahead and list it here anyways.

Congrats on the milestone; I'd love to see some more of your WIPs, especially your greenstuffing work.

AoM said...

I couldn't help it. ;-)

ajkempf said...

This would be nice for my new IG army, or even just some nice necromunda converts!

Silar Lannanaris said...

Would so use these for my Badab PDF guard that I want to start up. Nice competition, by the way i'm also running one on my blog here:http://thefallenprinces.blogspot.com/
come have a look.

David Taylor said...

I was thinking of trying them with Catachan plastics. I think if I 'de-ork' the Catachan arms a bit it could look cool

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Nice blog ya have there! I'm interested to see more from you.
You can see my blog at http://wolvesforthewolfgod.blogspot.com/! :P

Lord Shaper said...

Great site and congrats on the views!

I've always liked those heads and was wondering where they came from hehehe now I know!

BTW you can see my site at http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com

Snarfeh said...

Hey, loving the blog and the painting tips are useful for when I get round to painting my own I.G.
I can see me using those heads for Stormtrooper/Veteran Squad conversions if I'm luckily enough to win :)
I have started my own blog at http://thefreezingnorth.blogspot.com/
I just need to post more on it :)

Miniature Wargame Conversions said...

Very nice Mate! Its great to see people following the "Pay It Forward" lead! Its nice to see i started a nice trend :)

Miniature Wargame Conversions said...

Forgot to put a link to my blog:


And a direct link to the give away I to am running. Many many maaaany prizes for 15 winners this month. Its also the 3rd month ive run it :)

seerenigma said...

Wow...these would really make my Witch Hunters storm troopers stand out a lot more :)

Warpaintguy said...

Wow, just in the nick of time for the contest.

Nice blog all good stuff. I'll follow that!

If you want to have a peek at my stuff then visit here: http://warpaintguy.blogspot.com/

I'm planning on making some renagades out of my spare IG troops so those pighead would come in handy!