Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Small Grey Knights update.

Today I did some work on the terminator chaplain/ grey knight kit-bash, putting some GS into the gap where they meet and using an armour plate to tie both of the elements together. To get a 100% seamless transition I should have sculpted the whole upper torso myself...but that is a bit beyond me ATM.

So here he is (lighting isn't at all perfect on my desk)

So now I have to get onto the arms, I am also considering adding an incense burner from the Dark Angel upgrade sprue, I will decide on that later though as I don't want it to get too crowded.

I received the landraider commission, but due to a dedfective gw primer problem up on the commissioner's side I also had to strip it. I also received the dark arts miniatures bases which I will do a photo review of, as well as a set of gk landraider doors. On my own landraider, the forgeworld extra armour is slowly driving me mad, it doesn't fit the armour, the landraider doors, don't fit the armour, I've had to cut it and bend it to get it somewhere near finished. I should however finish it tomorrow evening, but a source of annoyance.

Also with the spare GS I did some work on a space marine who will be part of my next project after the Grey Knights. Alpharius, I will be using up the pre-heresy parts from my failed ultramarines project for a force bases around the tyrant legion rule-set with alpha legion instead of astral claws.


As always thanks for looking.

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