Thursday, 10 February 2011

Chaplain Grey Knight Termie Squad

This is my update showing WIPs of the work on the Grey Knight termie squad with a Chaplain (count as Brother Captain).

I'm pleased with the skull and the gold effects I've done, but the bone, scrollwork and metal effects need some work but they will come. The areas painted white will have OSL effects so I beg you to ignore the look of them.

So here is the entire squad, the rest of the squad is nowhere near finished, but just wanted to show the metal effects and the contrast of the chaplain between himself and his brethren.

I like painting my units by painting them one at a time, it breaks the monotony of large armies, but people have their own methods, so it's up to you.

Method for painting my Grey Knights:
  1. Black Undercoat, I feel it works better for metallics than a grey or a white or a hybrid basecoat.
  2. Vallejo model air Gun metal is sprayed as the "basecoat".
  3. Vallejo model air Chrome is then sprayed from above, with some extra attention paid to raised areas like the back of the legs on running minis.
  4. Coat of Gloss Varnish, will seal the metallics and allow a good flow for the wash coat, allow to dry for 24 hours.
  5. Pro-modeller black wash is sprayed on (review up later).
  6. Once dry use a damp piece of kitchen paper to "buff up" the metal and remove the black wash from the areas not in shadow and leaving the black in the recesses.
  7. Coat of matt varnish again allow to dry for a while.

I will have a photo tutorial on grey knights for the Grand Master who I will paint next week.

My Alpha Legion desert infiltration unit.

As always thanks for looking.


sonsoftaurus said...

Really like the chappy; great job on the skull.

Starforged said...

Thanks, I've probably now ruined it with OSl effects, though I think it looks okay.