Sunday, 30 January 2011

Baneblade "Bessie" and various other Marines.

With my continual problems of modelling ADHD I have put the ultramarines on hold due to lost motivation and each mini taking me four hours to paint. So what have I been doing? I've been working on my grey knights army to provide some tutorials on painting them and to eventually sell them off.

Lighting ain't perfect but meh metallics.

So sometime next weekend I will put up a video/picture tutorial on how to paint the basic grey knight. I will be using a H&S infinity airbrush, but any dual action airbrush should suffice. VMA boltgun metal and VMA chrome were used before a wash using promodellers black wash...which is one of the best systems ever for washes IMHO

I've also been building up my portfolio of work. An imperial fist veteran.

He's now currently up on ebay: Imperial fist veteran.

And now the title of this blog post the turret of Imperial Baneblade "Bessie."

I need to update the pics because the lenses have been done. The colour scheme is loosely based on the British Berlin Brigade armour on the Chieftain tanks Camo. If you want to I can do a tutorial in the future when I do the rest of the body. But overall it was very fun to paint.

I know this is a bit TL:DR but once my exams are over this Wednesday I will do more work setting up my commissions website, paint my GKs army along with the tutorial which should hopefully be finished before the 12th of February. Then I am looking to move out from my parents house and move in with a friend, which will be awesome, so if between the 20th feb and 20th of march you don't hear from me, you will know why (blogpost update later.)

Thanks for looking.


justified92 said...

bravo all your paintin looks awesome espically love the knights you don't see many GKS anymore but yours look amazing bravo i'm inpressed by your skills

K said...

Thanks for the responce, I will have some pics of my wip grey knight army up soon and hopefully get them painted ASAP.