Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Quick painting update.

Hi, the lack of updates is due to my brand new laptop is broken, so I have no image manipulation software, my eos remote picture facility isn't installed on any of my other computers. So anyway I did manage to take some pictures using the good old manual method, sorry they're not brilliant.

This shows my work on the Alpha legion, left is my WIP Primarch Omegon build, centre is the finished desert infiltration brother and right is a member of a yet to be named guard regiment, who have been put under the alpha legion's "sway."

Progress on the Grey Knights is good, almost all of the PAGKs are reaching the final airbrushing stage, the terminators need some work, but work should be finished by Friday for airbrushing of OSL this weekend, as well as work on the Land Raider.

 PAGK squad1
PAGK squad 2
Purgation squad

Thanks for looking.

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