Thursday, 17 February 2011

Today Power Armour! Tomorrow the World! (or possibly terminators.)

Again another update on the Grey Knights, today wasn't anything near as productive as I wanted it to be (damn you Fallout; New Vegas.) So the PAGKs are almost finished, about 1/3 have received the white needed for the OSL effects that will be airbrushed on later, but they all have their scrolls and bone and red areas painted.

(Again just taken on my desk.)

So tomorrow the hour or so finishing up work on these, then do the work needed on the terminators (if I'm in a good mood I might do a tutorial)  and then at the weekend do all the OSL effects. Then it is onto Landraiders, which I have two to paint up.

Also on the Omegon (count as lufgt huron) sculpt

This is a really fun sculpt, being the first time I've been able to sculpt something that looks vaguely like I want it to look...there is still work for improvement, I'm no master of the forge yet great sight for inspiration for artscale marines.

I also have something in store for when this blog hits 500 page-views, which I will post up on the weekend.

Thanks for looking and feel free to add comments or questions below.

Also I now have skype so if you're considering commissioning me and want a quick convo and I'm online, feel free to add me: starforged.miniatures .


AoM said...

That Omegon is looking nice. I'm not sure exactly what is going on with the chest and abdomen, but I do like the sensors on the right side.

Starforged said...

Yeh I need to redo parts of the chest area, I'm waiting on some power cables from if you haven't checked them out they have some pretty nice conversion pieces and tools, though the postage is a bit steep even in the UK.